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25th June - 3rd July 2016

Fishy Limericks

Fishy Limericks

A selection of Pembrokeshire Fish Week Limericks from the Quayside Tea Rooms, Lawrenny

There was a fit mackerel from Wales,
Who weighed everyday on the scales,
When he spied a young prawn,
He wooed her till dawn,
And together they went off the rails!

There was a big Bass from Lawrenny,
That swam up to Landshipping Ferry,
He got hooked in the Reach,
Was landed on the beach,
And ended up in a pan, to feed many!

There was an old crab from Cresselly,
Who had quite a sizable belly,
He thought it was fun,
To lay in the Sun,
And wobble it round like a jelly!

There is a thin Pipe Fish called Dave,
He likes to surf high on a wave,
He's seen on the beach,
But just out of reach,
If you see him do give him a wave!

There was a huge Bass from Caldey Sound,
Twice as long as he was round,
The monks from the Isle,
Caught him with a smile,
And ate him up thankfully pound-by-pound!

Whenever you eat at the 'Quayside',
You can sit either outside or inside,
Where they'll serve you a dish,
Of some wonderful fish,
Just like they do at the Seaside!

There was a crusty crab from Cresselly,
Who fancied a shrimp from Lawrenny,
The attraction was great,
The shrimp took the bait,
But they both ended up in the Deli!

When you sail out to fish from Lawrenny,
You may catch a Trout or a Blenny,
A Bass or a Dace,
A Salmon or Plaice,
But sometimes you never catch any! 

A Scallop way down in the Sea,
A celebrity, he wished to be,
Because of a squall,
Didn't notice the trawl,
Thus appeared with Rick Stein - on TV!

There was a fit mackerel from Wales,
Who had a Dragon tattooed on his scales,
He was so young and trendy,
And so strong and bendy-
That all the girl fish wiggled their tails!

A fashion mad Cod from Pendine,
Suddenly found herself covered in wine,
The chef said 'my dear,
There's no need to fear-
Your taste will be simply divine!

There was a young dolphin called Kelly,
Who decided to swim to Cresselly,
She stopped at the Quay,
For a nice cup of Tea,
And a large slice of cake and a Jelly! 

There's a Pollock called Fred from Lawrenny,
Who lived with his mate whose called Benny,
They were caught near the rocks,
And displayed in a box,
And sold on the Quay for a penny!

There was a young man from Lawrenny,
Whose fisherman's tales there were many,
He told of a Pike,
‘T'was as big as a bike',
But in truth it was only a Blenny!

On a day that was warm and just fine,
I ate with a girlfriend so divine,
We had Lobster with dill,
And a side order of Brill,
Then suggested 'is it your Plaice or mine'!

The excitement was building all week,
As the shoal was in training to speak,
But the Plaice wasn't right,
And the crab left that night,
Not a Sole was left to make the fish squeak!

Compose your own limericks this year at the Quayside Fishy Limerick Competition.

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